Low-resolution online video (click to play)

the painted forest

video WITH audio

5 minute film.

My videos and digital work often arrive from a different process to my paintings and drawings. Some follow the 'idea and design' process of my paintings and drawings but some come very spontaneously in the moment.

'The Painted Forest' falls in to the latter category.  I was on holiday in the summer in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. I had no intention of making this film, but I found myself on a quiet out-of-season ski lift coming down from a spectacular mountain. Drifting gently past the tree tops of the mountain side forest it was just one of those rare, strange and special moments.  I just had to capture it.

The film was shot hand held on an ordinary pocket digital camera. I loved the original footage when I played it back in my studio in England later, but I wanted to emphasise the dreamlike quality of the actual experience. To do this I decided to slow down the film, heighten the colours and apply some other visual treatments. The audio track is also slowed down. The sounds are of the birds in the forest and the low hum of the machinery of the ski lift.

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I enjoyed this journey.

Higher-resolution stills from video

the painted forest: video still 1

the painted forest: video still 2

the painted forest: video still 3